Get Involved: Olympia Community Archive

Clyde Gateway wants to involve local residents, past and present, as much as possible with the Olympia which is why we are delighted to launch the new Olympia Community Archive.

Simon Biggam is the Arts & Heritage Co-ordinator for the Olympia and he is looking for your memories, stories and photographs to create the archive for the building and indeed the wider area.

Were you someone who went to the Olympia to see the latest releases? If so, did you prefer the balcony or the stalls? Did you ever go on a romantic date to the Olympia and can you remember the name of the film? Or perhaps you were someone who went along on a Saturday morning or during the school holidays as a member of the ABC Minors?

Some of you may have also been inside the Olympia after it was converted to a bingo hall. Were you ever enough to win a big prize? And what did you do with your winnings?

We would love you to share your memories with us and help build a living picture of The Olympia.

In particular, we are looking for old photographs of the cinema and of the Bridgeton area. If you have any hidden away in a photo album, or in a box or on a shelf at the back of a cupboard we would love to see them.

Maybe you have old artefacts such as tickets, posters or programmes from the old days...or perhaps a bit more recently, some home movies that showed how life was lived in Bridgeton in the times when the Olympia and the many other cinemas in the area were packed out.

Simon would love to hear from you. You can call him on 0141 276 1570 or email him at
And of course you are always welcome to come into the Clyde Gateway offices at Bridgeton Cross, Glasgow.